XBE Finance
XBE Tokenomics

Initial supply

  • Initial supply - 15,000
  • Circulating supply - 12,000
  • XBE treasury - 3,000 (XBE holders have the ability to govern how the treasury is allocated)

Increase in supply

Inline with XIP1 (XBE Improvement proposal) approved by governance on May 28 2021 the following changes will take place :
  • 25,000 XBE tokens minted over 2 years.
The distribution of these tokens is as follows:
  • 20,000 XBE distributed as rewards for liquidity providers
  • 5,000 XBE as Bonus Lockup rewards.

How will the rewards be distributed?

The distribution of rewards can be changed via Governance
Ideally, of the 10,000 XBE rewards for year 1:
  • 5,000 to XBE Hive
  • 2,500 to XBE/ETH liquidity providers
  • 1,500 to XBE stakers
  • 1,000 to CRV/CVX stakers on XBE.finance
Year 2 will follow a similar distribution subject to change by governance.
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Initial supply
Increase in supply
How will the rewards be distributed?