XBE Finance
XB Protocol on Layers 2 and Sidechains
The emergence of Layer 2 and sidechain solutions allows for protocol implementations that would not be achievable with the high Ethereum gas fees. The XB Finance protocol plans on launching on several L2’s and sidechains, with the next imminent launch being on Fantom.
XBF will be the governance token on the Fantom blockchain, just like how XBE is the governance token on Ethereum. XBF will be claimable by veXBE holders as well as liquidity providers and stakers upon Fantom launch (If they have met the below requirements)
By locking up XBE, you will receive veXBE (vote escrowed XBE) which can be used for governance proposals, emission allocation, as well as eligibility for L2 airdrops. The longer you lock up XBE for, the more veXBE you will receive and in turn, the more L2 tokens you will be allocated.

How do I receive XBF?

  • Lock XBE for veXBE holders (The XBF snapshot has closed)
  • If you provided liquidity to the XBE/ETH pool on SushiSwap during the period of 11th - 20th October, you will receive almost twice the amount of XBF tokens in place of the XBE that you would have earned (a total of 360 XBF tokens has been allocated to this week).
  • If you provided liquidity to the XBE/ETH pool on SushiSwap during the week of 20th October - 27th October, you will receive your proportional share of 720 XBF tokens. This was the double rewards week where liquidity providers were rewarded with XBF tokens and stakers were rewarded in XBE.
  • The last way to have received XBF, was by either providing liquidity to the XBE/ETH pool on SushiSwap, or by staking your XBE from the 27th of October - 3rd of November. 360 XBF has been allocated to LP’s and 360 XBF has been allocated to stakers for that week.
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