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Staking and Lockup

What can I do with my XBE?

XBE holders have the choice between staking or locking their tokens to receive XBE rewards from protocol revenue.

XBE stakers earn:

  • Protocol revenue from the Hive & Hive pro
  • Unallocated referral rewards (these are referral rewards that go towards the protocol)
  • Early withdrawals of LP from the Hive and Sushiswap pool.
  • A portion of newly minted XBE

XBE lockers earn:

  • The same rewards as above but at a higher boost (ie. You earn XBE staking rewards at a boost between 1-100%)
  • Lock XBE to receive veXBE
  • veXBE provides voting power across the XBE DAO (eg. Voting on governance proposals & XBE emission allocations)
XBE users will need to stake their tokens first before they can lockup.

Lockup periods:

The minimum lockup period is 1 week, which equates to a 1% Boost level. Each lockup period increases in increments of 4 weeks:
  • Staking only (Minimum Boost)
  • 1 Week (1% Boost)
  • 4 Weeks (4% Boost)
  • 8 Weeks (8% Boost)
  • ...
  • 92 Weeks (92% Boost)
  • 96 Weeks (96% boost)
  • 100 Weeks (Maximum Boost)
The longer the XBE is locked up for, the more veXBE the user will receive and the higher the boost will be on XBE staking rewards (i.e. protocol revenue).
The amount of veXBE a user has is directly tied to the amount of influence they have over governance proposals and XBE token emission allocations. Similar to the veCRV model, the amount of veXBE a user controls will decrease as the your lockup period expires.
XBE provides flexibility to users in both adding additional XBE to their lockup period and extending the period over which the XBE tokens are locked up for. This is expanded on in the following tab: Adding & Extending Lockup as well as a guide on the process.
All XBE Rewards earned from staking and locking up can be redeemed directly to the user’s wallet, without going through an unbonding process.
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What can I do with my XBE?
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