XBE Finance
XB Securities Framework
Securities is one of the cornerstone's of TradFi and we are building a securities framework that would enable TradFi players to use our products to launch into DeFi.

XB NFT Factory

The XB NFT Factory is a product leg that tokenizes securities as NFTs which can be deployed within XBE and other DeFi protocols for Yield and Liquidity. This product is currently being deployed with our commercial clients.

XB Stable Factory

The XB stable factory enables security issuers and holders to adapt their regulated security to interface directly with DeFi. Once onboarded, these issuers/holders may become part of the XBE protocol's ecosystem to benefit from the high-yields and community driven strategies or choose to implement their own strategies. This opens up the XBE protocol to a 40 trillion USD market in a highly scalable manner.
Both xbNFT and xbStable Factories are currently in testing. More on this product launch in 2022.