XBE Finance
XB Referral Program
Further rewarding the loyalty of the XB community. Bring friends, families, communities and even DAOs to the yields on XBE.finance and share in their gains.
The core objective of the referral model is to allow for low liquidity providers as well as protocols to earn $CRV, $CVX and $XBE, even if it means they deploy $0 worth of liquidity. It allows for people and protocols to create referral codes that they can use to distribute amongst communities, their treasury, and even other protocols. By helping users generate rewards from simply referring new users to XBE, we expand the protocol's reach, and ensure that new members can start earning without having any liquidity - just by registering someone using your referral link.

3 Tiers of rewards

Referral rewards are calculated based on a fixed 3-Tier structure that distributes 10% of the 21% protocol fees as referral rewards across these 3 tiers every time a user claims. Users will receive these rewards in $CRV, $CVX and $XBE.
  • You earn 7% from the rewards of your immediate downline (those users you directly referred),
  • You earn 2% of the rewards of your 2nd tier downline (those referred by the users you directly referred), and
  • You earn 1% of the rewards of your 3rd tier downline (the users referred by the users referred by your direct referrals).
It can be visually explained by our infographic below:
(NB*) From the unallocated referral rewards (ie. those rewards that go towards the protocol), the non-XBE tokens will be used to convert for XBE on the open market and distribute these to XBE stakers.
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