XBE Finance
XB Onramp
Bringing Fiat into DeFi with a few clicks of a button.

XB Onramp

‌XB Onramp allows FIAT holders to gain easy access into cryptocurrency as well as DeFi as a whole through a regulatory compliant method. Users will be able to buy the appropriate cryptocurrency or compliant stablecoins and put these assets to work. Think of the XB Onramp as a seamless bridge from the FIAT world into decentralised finance.‌
This FIAT is converted to the appropriate stablecoin and subsequently deployed in Convex and Curve for yield generation.
At all times funds deployed into the XBE hive will be freely available with no lockup, will have full solvency reports available in real time, and will have access to the full returns less protocol fees. As these funds are deposited into the XBE Hive, the same performance fees and returns apply to that of the XBE Hive, the only difference is how you funded it.‌
More on this product launch in 2022.
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