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XBE Hive Fees

Fee Breakdown:

When a user deposits capital into the XBE Hive, they will be eligible to earn rewards in $XBE, $CVX and $CRV. Alongside this, there will be the option to utilize these rewards for additional/secondary yield. All users who claim their rewards from the Hive will receive their full claimable amount less protocol fees.

A 21% performance fee is charged on all claimed rewards from the Hive:

  • 10% will go towards revenue for XBE stakers. The protocol will exchange non-XBE rewards for XBE on available markets and distribute these to users who have staked or locked their XBE.
(NB*) It is important to note that users who have locked their XBE have a higher boost percentage, and therefore, will earn a higher proportional share of these rewards.
  • 10% will go towards the referral program. These users will receive their referral rewards in XBE, CRV and CVX. All unallocated referral rewards (i.e. those rewards that go towards the protocol) will also be exchanged for XBE on available markets, before being distributed to users who have staked or locked XBE.
(NB*) Furthermore, users are also able to sign up and earn the designated commissions on their individual deposits, reducing the total fees paid. A breakdown of the 3 Tier referral program can be found under the XB Referral Program tab.
  • 1% will go towards protocol gas.

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