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Why the XBE Hive

The why?

The deployment of capital into decentralised finance protocols has become a common yield mechanism, providing substantially larger yields than what is available in traditional finance space. XBE was designed in a way that allows users and protocols to deploy Curve LP into the XBE Hive, earning rewards as if they had deployed liquidity into Convex, while simultaneously being rewarded in XBE tokens.
XBE does not accumulate the underlying $CRV and $CVX but rather passes this onto the protocol users, less fees.
It is important to understand that XBE is providing a platform for people and protocols to acquire the governance desired tokens $CRV and $CVX. XBE does not aim to compete in the Curve and Convex wars, but rather provide a "Battlefield" for others to accumulate on. Adjacent to the Hive product that is servicing DeFi users, XBE still aims to provide a bridge from TradFi to DeFi. This will be demonstrated through the multiple product offerings to come in future:
  • A major focal point of the XB Protocol is the deployment of tokenized securities and FIAT, into these markets to offer additional and transparent yields. Through the XB protocol, we not only allow users to earn complementary rewards but we also add value to the ecosystem by onboarding FIAT currency into Curve. This integration can be thought of as its own product and will be spoken about in greater depth under the XB Onramp tab.
  • In addition to onboarding FIAT currency into DeFi, the XB protocol will also allow for users to earn without having any liquidity! By taking advantage of the 3-Tier referral program, users can start earning by getting people to sign up using their specialized referral code. This opens the door to anybody by incentivizing existing users to bring in new users. More on this will be explained under the XB Referral Program.


We believe that as the DeFi tide rises, so do the DeFi boats. This is why we have taken this approach with the XBE Hive. FIAT users, influencers, low liquidity providers, and institutions alongside current DeFi users who have provided liquidity on Convex are free to take part in the XBE Hive non-custodial application to furnish as much value as possible to the underlying ecosystem.
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The why?