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FAQ - XBE Hive


1) Which Curve Pools will the Hive support?
The XBE Hive will initially launch with the FRAX and cvxCRV pool with more pools to follow.
2) Does XBE accumulate any of the tokens?
No, XBE does not acquire any of the $CRV, $CVX nor $XBE tokens, but rather passes this onto the liquidity providers of the protocol, less fees.
3) What happens to my rewards when I claim from the Hive?
When users claim from the XBE Hive, they receive rewards in $CRV, $CVX and $XBE, less fees.
The $CRV and $CVX rewards will accrue in the user's wallet, while $XBE rewards will undergo an unbonding process of 5 days. During this time, the XBE LP rewards automatically get staked to further earn XBE staking rewards (protocol revenue). XBE will also support the staking of CVX which further demonstrates the idea of complementary yield.
4) What happens if I withdraw my XBE rewards during the unbonding process?
Users will be able to withdraw XBE rewards within the 5 day unbonding period, however they will incur a 50% penalty for doing so. This penalty will be distributed to users staking XBE tokens. Users must wait 5 days before they can claim the full amount of XBE rewards. Any claiming of LP rewards within the 5 days will reset the unbonding period.
(NB*) It is important to note that rewards from XBE staking will not go through an unbonding process of 5 days. However, all XBE rewards earnt from providing liquidity will go through this process.
5) What is the purpose of the XB referral program?
When users claim Hive rewards, 10% of the fees go towards the XB referral program. This 3-Tier model is a way for users to earn $CRV, $CVX and $XBE rewards, by expanding the protocols reach without having to deploy any liquidity. By having new users register their wallet using your code, you can share in their gains whenever they claim Hive rewards. There are many possibilities that arise with this program - Referral rewards can also be configured to accrue to the other protocol’s treasury wallets. This can amplify returns, with clear on-chain transparency and an audit trail to report to their community. This allows for 'protocol to community' referrals as well as 'protocol to protocol' referrals.
(NB*) All unallocated referral rewards (i.e. The rewards that go towards the protocol) are used to reward XBE stakers. Therefore, if the referral program is not utilized, the protocol will continue to operate unaffected. This is because the protocol is not dependent on new users signing up.
This is an additional benefit that allows low liquidity providers and individuals with large social networks with the opportunity to expand the protocols reach, sharing in the rewards.
6) Why are the fees 21%?
XBE wants to accommodate for everyone, and allow for people to earn $CRV, $CVX and $XBE regardless of their LP position. Therefore the Hive fees are split, with 10% going towards XBE stakers and the other 10% going towards the XB referral program (with 1% covering protocol gas). This fee model should create a big enough incentive for both the staking & locking of XBE, as well as users that wish to use the referral model.
However, with the intended referral design, the system also allows for a 'self referral' meaning that users could refer their own wallets and earn the 7% (Tier 1) referral reward on their own liquidity.
Through this method, the fees on claiming Hive rewards automatically drops to 14%.

The Hive revenue model ensures that the protocol attracts liquidity and new users to itself, while incorporating new features and benefits to partner protocols that outweigh the fees charged – creating symbiotic relationships between protocols within a network.

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