XBE Finance
XBE Hive
Complementing the existing DeFi giants

What is the XBE Hive?

The XBE Hive is a yield complementary product built on top of Curve and Convex.
Users who have provided liquidity on Curve.Fi are able to stake their Curve LP tokens into XBE, which then deploys this liquidity into Convex, and subsequently back into Curve. This results in protocol users simultaneously earning $CRV, $CVX and $XBE. When a user deposits their Curve LP into XBE, they receive xhCurve LP tokens in return. This issuance of LP tokens enables entirely new ways at looking at existing DeFi markets, to power new approaches previously not possible. These LP tokens can be fractionized and even sent to another wallet, as just by holding xhCurve LP tokens in your wallet will this earn you the aforementioned rewards.
XBE does not accumulate the underlying tokens, but rather passes this revenue onto the people and protocols that utilize XBE, net of protocol fees.
The XBE Hive is built to complement the yield generated by Convex, while adding value by bridging the gap between TradFi and DeFi. Onboarding institutions will be a crucial focal point within the XBE protocol, among the other products planned for both DeFi and retail users.

Claiming Rewards:

With this focus on complementary yield, claiming Hive rewards will result in the XBE going through an unbonding process of 5 days. During this time, the XBE are automatically staked to further earn additional XBE staking rewards (i.e. protocol revenue). The $CRV and $CVX rewards will accrue in users' wallets upon claiming.
Users can withdraw these rewards within the 5 day unbonding period, however this will incur a 50% penalty. The revenue generated from the 50% penalty will then be distributed to XBE stakers.


DeFi users who have provided liquidity on Curve.fi can take their LP tokens and deposit them into the XBE Hive at XBE.Finance. The XBE protocol will take these tokens and deposit them into Convex. In turn, Convex will then deploy these tokens back into Curve. Resultantly, users are rewarded in $CRV, $CVX and $XBE. When claiming, XBE rewards go through an unbonding period of 5 days. During this period, the XBE rewards are automatically staked to earn additional staking and protocol rewards. XBE also aims to onboard institutional clients into the Curve ecosystem, as well as create products for everyone and anyone to yield, regardless of their liquidity position.