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XB Bonus Campaign
XB Bonus Campaign is an initiative focused around rewarding early supporters of the XBE protocol who chose to lockup their tokens for the full term, within the first 30 days of launch.

Bonus Lockup Period (closed)

Users who chose to lockup their XBE for the full term within the first 30 days of launch (ending on the 6th of October 2021), were eligible for their proportional share of 5000 BONUS XBE minted after 18 months, and distributed over a period of 6 months. Only users who locked up for the maximum time of 100 weeks (23 months) and were within the first 30 days of launch are eligible for this reward. These users will further be eligible for all staking rewards (i.e. protocol revenue) at maximum boost on the XBE protocol over and above the bonus campaign.


Day 0 - 30: Bonus Campaign Lockup period opens - Users who locked their XBE for the maximum term (100 weeks) will be eligible for their proportional share of the bonus campaign rewards AND they will be at maximum boost on their rewards which will NOT decrease as the unlock date approaches. Day 31 +: Bonus Campaign Lockup period closes - Users are able to lockup for the full term to get maximum boost on their rewards. This boost WILL decrease proportionally as your unlock date approaches and these users' will not be eligible for the 5000 XBE Bonus Campaign rewards.
ELI5: The XB Bonus Campaign is a mechanism to incentivize long term lockup of XBE for early supporters of the protocol. The locker contract requires holders of XBE to lockup their XBE for the full 100 weeks within the first 30 days of the contract going live. By locking their XBE, users' will receive their share of protocol fees (from the XBE Hive) and staking rewards in real-time at the maximum earning rate. They will also receive their proportional share of 5,000 XBE distributed after 18 months over a 6 month period.
(NB*) This Bonus period has closed. Users can still lock up their tokens for full term and earn XBE rewards at maximum boost, however this boost will decrease as your unlock date approaches. You can maintain maximum boost by adding to your boost (ie. extending your lock up).
For more information on this proposal, please see XIP-1.
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Bonus Lockup Period (closed)