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Easy XBE

What is Easy XBE?

In order to accommodate for all users, we have created an additional product called Easy XBE in which non-defi users can come onboard and have access to DeFi yields in a completely transparent and effortless way. Easy XBE truly brings to life the saying of "XBE being a protocol for DeFi, the man on the street, and even the man on wall street".
We plan to launch with Easy XBE 1.0, with more versions to come in future. Easy XBE 1.0 will be the simplest way to participate as a liquidity provider in the XB protocol. This is the first release in our ongoing journey to make it easy for new users to get rewards in DeFi, by making it as simple, and as cost effective as we reasonably can when it comes to gas on Ethereum!
Easy XBE 1.0 accepts ETH only deposits, which is used to purchase the proportional amount of XBE on the XBE/ETH pool, and then add the remaining ETH together with the XBE as liquidity to that pool. Once added, the LP tokens are staked in the XBE/ETH LP staking contract on the XBE protocol on behalf of the depositing wallet. The user will be able to see their LP staking rewards accrue on the https://alpha.app.xbe.finance/lockup page.
We have a lot more planned in future with regards to Easy XBE 2.0 (currently in development with a mobile app) and 3.0. These will include being able to participate in the HIVE, staking and lockup with a few clicks of a button.

Visual explainer for Easy XBE 2.0: