XBE Finance
Welcome to XBE Finance
Where TradFi encounters the power of DeFi.

XBE is a protocol for DeFi, the man on the street, and even the man on Wall Street

XBE Finance has a core focus on integrating the world of decentralised Finance (DeFi) with traditional Finance (TradFi). This bridge will allow TradFi instruments to be used throughout a suite of innovative DeFi products. The protocol launched the primary offering in 2021, focusing on tokenized securities and their utility within DeFi. Subsequently, the protocol has been progressively expanding to provide utility for TradFi liquidity. Additionally, several other initiatives are concurrently in development with the aim to bring significant amounts of value to the DeFi world, and more importantly, the Curve ecosystem.
The protocol is maintained by the holders of the XBE token. The XBE token was fairly & freely distributed to all liquidity participants in early 2021, with no investor nor founder allocations.

Important information

In this documentation, you can find information relating to XBE and how to join our mission of bringing the power of DeFi to TradFi. If you still have questions after reading the proceeding documents, or would simply like to explore our mission further, please engage with us on one of our official channels below:
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